As senior executives, our weekdays are filled with urgency! From task reminders, to calendar alarms, urgent messages, growing list of emails, phone calls that can push our day in a completely different direction, meetings that almost always overrun their time or lose their focus, urgent directives from the board, mounting pressure from the stock market, and the stress of hitting yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly targets – everything is urgent and needs action now! How do we find the time, the focus, and the creativity that we need as executives to do what’s important: putting our organization on a sustainable growth path?

Organizations have an inherent tendency of falling into the operational trap. This trap is set by their present reality, routines and processes that are always making a push towards greater efficiency, teams that are measured on delivering now, and category and sector dynamics necessitating a constant fire-fighting culture. This operational trap can take the focus off from sustainable growth. How do we collect our focus as a team of executives, to meet, discuss, and create a growth habit: a ritual that ensures that while our schedules will be driven by urgency and that our organization will be pressed with operational requirements, we will still have a sustainable growth plan at our hand to help us focus and grow?

Now we have a solution: IMAGITRIM.

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Reflections from workshop participants: 

“We had a good cooperation in the group and we produced concrete actions. I have now learned a structured way of working with growth planning.”