Struggling with growth?

Organizations live in an “operations trap.” This trap is set by our current business model which we seldom challenge, how we have settled into the comfort zone of doing familiar things day in day out, and the way we push our routines and processes towards ever increasing efficiency.

Likewise, our executive teams – people responsible for driving growth, innovation, and differentiation – are stuck in the “urgency trap.” From never-ending meetings to calendar alarms, urgent messages demanding action now, and daily fire-fighting on the company floor – we hardly ever get the time to stop, imagine, rethink, and align ourselves on growth. 

Unleash growth with IMAGITRIM!

There is only one way to ensure that your organization (and the executive team) does not get sucked into the operations and urgency traps: make a conscious effort to make growth a habit!  And that comes through IMAGITRIM – a Swedish growth consulting company.

So what is IMAGITRIM?

IMAGITRIM has developed a growth method for organizations with three key components: IMagination, TRANsformation, and IMpact. The IMAGITRIM method helps executive teams create a high-level growth vision for the organization, put in context the possibilities and challenges, and develop a concrete action plan for growth. Typically done on weekend, our first growth workshop sets stage for growth in your organization, followed by two virtual sessions to make growth a habit. We then recommend continuous quarterly workshops to stay on top of growth. Our consultants can engage with you on ongoing basis as well to lead implementation of growth agenda or a particular area within this.

Our flagship product is the IMAGITRIM weekend growth workshops for executive teams conducted on quarterly basis.

Each IMAGITRIM consultant brings something unique to the table. You can select a consultant for an implementation project on your growth action plan.

IMAGITRIM is creating digital tools for organizations in growth, planning, and productivity space. Follow our social assets for update on launch.

IMAGITRIM Weekend Workshops:

An Imagitrim weekend workshop is a booster in a three month growth program making growth a habit. During a one day workshop with executive team out of office, out of daily hassles you learn the process to reach concrete actions that have the potential to deliver growth for your organization. We work our way through vision, impact and transformation, ending in an action plan to start delivering on. Two monthly virtual follow ups with consultants from our team chosen to match your process will ensure pace is kept and new thoughts addressed. 

These calls are held by one of our senior consultants who is closest to areas chosen in the action plan. To ensure making growth a habit, we then recommend quarterly revisits to growth sessions, on your own, or in a new workshop. Optional addons are involvement of consultants in growth tasks and ongoing support.

Programs are built around 1-4  three month modules which let have a conversation and see what suits you.

Click here to download: Imagitrim Method Book PDF

IMAGITRIM Deployment Missions:

Having participated in an Imagitrim workshop you will have produced a concrete action plan including critical activities that need to be executed in order to reach the set growth targets. 

Depending on the areas where you need to put focus on, we can help you to plan and execute on those areas on a regular basis as project managers or as coaches to secure that the actions are happening the right way and in the right time. 

We believe in having an agile approach to the planning, meaning that we plan 1-3 months ahead and revisit the plan regularly to check if the activities are still valid or might need to be changed or removed. Our goal with supporting in this area is to make sure that your organisation is willing and able to continue the growth process in the same way when we have left. 

What customers are saying:

“Great that we got to think together, we realized that we see the same challenges but from different perspectives.”

“We had a good cooperation in the group and we produced concrete actions. I have now learned a structured way of working with growth planning.”

“The celebrity exercise  was great, it enabled me to come up with new ideas which I might not have expressed otherwise.”

“The workshop enabled us to sit together as a team and get aligned and could be the start of a new development process.”

“The sessions structure including abstract and concrete thinking was very important.The IMPACT phase was really awesome!”

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