IMAGITRIM stands for IMAGInation, TRansformation, and IMpact.

It is a growth method developed for executive teams and is delivered as a growth workshop by our team of management consultants on a weekend. The choice of the weekend for workshop is crucial because executives need to be free from their daily operational schedules, tasks, and reminders when focusing on growth together.

A typical IMAGITRIM growth workshop starts in the vision space and then moves to identifying levers and suppressors and creating differentiated growth activities. Finally it channels all the ideas into an actionable plan. All in a one-day growth workshop – a concrete growth action plan!

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Organizations are encouraged to opt for workshops on a quarterly basis – focusing on a different growth context each time.

We also offer deeper consultative collaboration to organizations via ongoing and / or on-site engagement with our management consultants.

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Reflections from workshop participants:

“The exercise which included the celebrity was great, it enabled me to come up with new ideas which I might not have expressed otherwise!”