How we work

IMAGITRIM is a growth method, a growth model, and a growth mindset staged by a team of management consultants.

We gather executive teams on a weekend – Saturday or a Sunday – on a quarterly basis.

Choice of the weekend for workshop is crucial because executives need to be free from their daily operational schedules, tasks, and reminders. Weekend is also reserved for personal renewal – how cool would it be to bring your personal renewal energy to put your organization on a renewal journey!

IMAGITRIM workshop has three stages that are critical to developing and managing a sustainable growth strategy: Imagination, Transformation, Impact.

We start in the vision space, identify levers and suppressors, create differentiated activities, and channel all these ideas into an actionable plan. All in a one-day workshop. We believe that the link from Imagination (vision) to Impact (action) is important and needs to be established in the same session – this is often missed in traditional management consulting solutions.

We also offer deeper consultative collaboration to organizations via ongoing and / or on-site engagement with our management consultants.

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