Thinking growth?

How do you feel about the next decade, the next year, or the next quarter? Do you see your organization moving forward at full-throttle through these time slices? How, how well?

What’s the state of leadership at all ranks within your organization? Are your herding, nesting, or flying? Is your customer a mere follower of yours or does she have the passion to lead your brand? In her own way?

What is innovation to you? A mantra, a process, or an afterthought rush-delivery as a response? Is everyone in your organization charged up and living their dream or do they need an extra pair of batteries at the workplace? Have you invested in batteries?

What’s the state of your relationship with society, social issues, environment, the greater goodness?

Are you on the top of your game, or secretly nibbling on the thoughts of doing better but trapped in the cage that you created for yourself?

IMAGITRIM makes sustainable growth possible by raising questions and taking executive teams on a journey through Imagination, Transformation, and Impact.

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Reflections from workshop participants:

“It was good to have the time to answer crucial questions, to be able to think from different perspectives. The sessions structure including abstract and concrete thinking was very important. The IMPACT phase was really awesome!”